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Rosanne Dingli

Wow - no cooking even! No, I shall not store my cookies in the fridge... I'll just eat them.

Dessert Darling

OMG- These are DIVINE!!!! 5-Cherries all the way!

Brenda Bernstein

OMG is right... these look delicious!!! Can carob and a different nut be substituted? I can't eat chocolate or cashews...

lynn @ the actor's diet

yum yum yum


This sounds really good, but I'm a diabetic and can't eat this amount of sugar. What do you think could be done with the recipe to reduce the sugar intake?

Great blog, Juls.


Awake and Living

Brenda: Just don't add the Carob and use only almonds! You should still get the soft fudge feeling but without the chocolate taste.

Georgia: Have you heard of Stevia? It comes in a liquid form and can come in different flavorings! I haven't tried this but, maybe if you add the stevia instead of the honey? Ill try to get a post in about the wonders of stevia, But that could be a great solution!


Must. Try. This.
And I will, after I've done cleaning the drool from my keyboard!
Well done!

lynn @ the actor's diet

amazing! please bake me some!


These sound sooo good! I Love my Food Processor and am always looking for a chance to use it. Thanks for sharing :)


These are AMAZING! I made my second batch today- and doubled it! LOL I love them and my cookie-monster hubby loves them too!! THANK YOU!!! Best gluten free & dairy free desert ever!

Tammie Umbel

Oh my.... raw all natural oreo like cookies. What do you people think?


honey is not vegan ^_^
otherwise, amazing recipe!!!

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