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Leslie Sarna

I could not agree with you more on your choices!! But I've never tried taste nirvana so I'm going to have to find it! And the best I've ever had is fresh coconuts in Bali.


I totally agree with you I love nirvana drink it 3 bottles a day


totally addicted to Taste Nirvana!


I love the Taste Nirvana coconut water. I really enjoy mixing 50% Coconut Water and 50% CocoAloe. Unfortunately, it is now costing $2.15 a bottle for each, so it has been put in the "special treat" category. If money were no object, I would drink nothing but my 50/50 Coconut water concoction. It is far more refreshing than soft drinks or bottled water.


Fantastic review. I was on amazon.com reviewing Naked coconut water and you were much more honest about it. Ha ha ha. You should do a youtube video or have you? You seem like you have such a deep passion for what you do. Love it. Much success to you.

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