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Great site with lots of info! I just wanted to say that I have been consuming E3 Live and Chlorella for 6 years now with no side effects except for increased health and a younger appearance! I was near death ( doctors gave me 3 months ) and thats when a friend brought me these great products. I am now completely recovered - blindness, brain damage and a slew of other complications are gone. It was not an overnight miracle but 5.5 years of faithfully eating these 2 products and doing some physio I am now back to my former self only with a greater respect for what I eat and how I think.
You can buy E3 Live right from the company e3live.com and the is also a great site for organic chlorella called nutsonline.com

Thanks for all this great info!


George Aguilera

I found this clarifying article about the toxicity aspect of AFA:


See References.


Does E3 Live have chlorella? How does it compare to http://products.mercola.com/chlorella/ (the brand I'm taking now).


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