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Rob's Ranch

Organized content is the best way to display or post an article, thank you for making it easy to digest your post.


Yah yang punya pikiran negatif atau positif itu hak kalian masing2... paling gak semenjak 1 bulan gw di training n ikut main saham, gw udah ngantongin duit kurang lebih Rp. 20jt.

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brillyance I think you miss Steve W.'s point. Yes, some options are being limited, but others are opening up, and this is the case with every technological change. There will be things that go away, but other things will pop up to take their place. And Apple is certainly not killing the personal computer a device that remains, by your standards, "open."The fact that the ENTIRE worldwide web is available on an iPad sort of counters your argument. Flash, quite honestly, is a proprietary technology that, despite being used by many sites, is not really essential to many people's browsing experience. And if you read about it, Apple's decision not to support it has a LOT to do with technical issues in addition to them being pretty ruthless competitors. So don't get all upset. Relax. And for God's sake don't buy an iPad/Pod/Phone!

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