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Julie Burnett

Thanks for providing the list of different foods that have more pesticides. It really helps! I was wondering about what list green beans would be on? I also like oranges and tomatoes and eat them everyday. I really like your blog...especially the tips on how to eat healthy. Keep it coming!

Awake and Living

Hi Julie,
That's actually a great question. Surprisingly, Oranges are right in the middle of the dirty dozen list. (the dirty dozen list means: A list of foods that are ranked from the most pesticide traces to the least pesticides traces, when specifically shopping for non-organic crops) You can go either way with those Oranges. But of course if I had to make a choice, it would be organic.
For green beans, they attend to fall closer to the must buy organic category. since they barely made the top 15 worst traces of pesticides.
Tomatoes however are are more on the Cleanest pesticides list. I believe this is because tomatoes have a resistance to disease and when attacked by insects they produce the plant peptide hormone, systemin, which is an active defense mechanism to protect the vegetable.
Thank you for your comments and support. I hope I answered your questions to your liking.
xxx <3 A&L

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